Why Gen Y should care about the G20


The youngest Australian ever to be elected to Federal Parliament is Wyatt Roy.

He was chosen by the electors of Longman in Brisbane to be their MP when he was just 20. That was in 2010.

On the eve of the G20 Summit in Brisbane in 2014, Wyatt Roy tells our reporter Sophie Lester what drives his passion for politics, and explains why he believes other young people should take an interest in national and international affairs.

This report was co-produced by Bo Daly.


About Author

Sophie Lester

Sophie Lester is a 20-something Journalism/Arts student, majoring in Social Psychology and Sociology, who is fascinated by people’s stories and how they make sense of the world. She is well travelled, occasionally suffers from wanderlust, and is interested to see the cultural spotlight turn to Brisbane for the G20. Sophie hopes to combine her broad interests into a career that will take her around the world as a foreign corresp​ondent after she graduates this year.

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