Joe Hockey: Ebola discussions are on the cards for Brisbane’s G20.


Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey has announced that Ebola and climate change discussions are on the cards for the G20 summit, but the main focus is on driving economic growth.

When asked if Ebola was on the leaders’ agenda during a doorstop interview at Brisbane’s International Media Centre on Thursday, Mr. Hockey said it was an important issue that will be addressed.

“Of course Ebola is a significant issue. I have no doubt it will be discussed by the leaders,” he said.

Like Ebola, climate change is another important topic for the summit that has not yet been discounted.

“They are part of the agenda. They are not the whole agenda,” Mr. Hockey said.

Mr. Hockey said that while Ebola and Climate change are important concerns to be addressed amongst leaders, Australia is primarily focused on delivering global growth strategies and job creation policies.

“People have been critical of the G20 in the past for not delivering tangible outcomes,” he said.

“There will be no single issue that will distract leaders, or anyone else, from the task of delivering on growth and jobs.”

G20 agenda, Growth strategy

Joe Hockey discusses G20 agenda

Another key focus of the weekend summit is tax reforms, to help prevent global corruption and make companies more accountable for tax exploitation.

“It is hugely important for the globe that companies pay tax where they earn profits,” Mr. Hockey said.

“We are focused on driving hard the taxation agenda that ensures that companies pay tax where they earn profits, that individuals pay tax where they should be paying the tax.”

While the G20 agenda may be extensive, Mr. Hockey feels it is one that is definitely achievable.

“It is a very simple, straightforward, but bold, agenda. “

“We are absolutely confident that, with the support of the great people of Brisbane … we’re going to get real outcomes so that we have a stronger global economy.”


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