How did the world see Brisbane?


Is the G20 really bringing Brisbane to the world?

In the lead up to the G20, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said the G20 was a great opportunity to showcase Australia and put Brisbane on the world map.

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman encouraged local businesses who were forced to close over the weekend, to focus on the long-term benefits this would bring for Brisbane tourism.

And the Lord Mayor Graham Quirk urged Brisbanites to stay in the city to avoid creating the impression of a ghost town.

South Korean Journalist from South Korea Press Dahoon Jun said that for many journalists reporting on the G20, this was their first experience of Brisbane.

“A few people had never heard about Brisbane at all,” he said.

“A lot of other Journalists have said its been great; they have loved it.”

For Udo Schmidt, a German correspondent for ARD German Radio, it is his second time in Brisbane.

“It’s a really nice town,” he said.

“It’s just perfect. Perfect.”


Mr Schmidt said Australia’s presidency of the G20 had been a great opportunity to showcase what Brisbane has to offer.

“It’s not so successful as Tony Abbott wants, but for Brisbane its absolutely successful,” he said.

The main challenge for journalists over the weekend seemed to be the road blocks, which had made it difficult to access certain areas.

“We are journalists and we have to cover the stories, but the road blocks have made this difficult,” he said.

But not everyone thought the G20 had put Brisbane on to the world stage.

French SBS journalist Christophe Mallet said he thought the G20 benefited Australia’s international profile, but not necessarily Brisbane’s.

He said the pictures of international leaders holding iconic Australian animals is what people will remember.

“At the end of the day what people will remember is the vision of Obama with the koala.”


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Bo Daly

Bo Daly is a third year Communications student at The University of Queensland. Passionate about social and cultural issues affecting young Australians, she is excited to be reporting on the G20’s global agenda from her own stomping ground. Bo is currently interning with a federal Member of Parliament, and upon graduation in July 2015, wishes to pursue a career in Public Relations.

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