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Whenever world leaders get together to discuss important policy issues, social media is alight with those impassioned and vocal, providing running commentary of news and opinion.

But what issues are raising heat in the collective sphere of social media?

According to Meltwater, an online media monitoring company, there have been several topics trending over the weekend, gaining prominence as the key events to take away from this years’ G20.

Even before the leaders had arrived, online buzz from the 1-14th November saw a total of 185,167 twitter mentions and 36,704 Facebook mentions. This translates to an average of 16,246.71 G20 related conversations a day.

Generally, people remained impartial, with 75 per cent of discussions remaining neutral, 9 per cent positive and 16 per cent negative.
twitter updates

It’s no surprise, that the most prominent leaders being mentioned were Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott (10,730), US President Barack Obama (8,068), and Russian Federation President Vladamir Putin (778).

The below image shows the most common words trending at the #G20 forum.

G20 Word cloud
Once the world leaders set down on Australian turf, the twitter-sphere went into overdrive.

US President Barack Obama’s address to 2,500 students at the University of Queensland on Saturday, resulted in hundreds of tweets, selfies and Facebook updates.

That event, which will go down in history as the ‘Brisbane speech’, saw a huge jump in social media presence.

Despite Australia’s presidency of the G20 summit this year, it was clear from the amount of social activity online, that Obama was the one everyone wanted to see.


G20 social media stats
Over the weekend, Brisbane received the highest amount of social media mentions with 65,690 comments throughout the forum on Facebook and Twitter. Second was Summit at 45162, and Australia took out third place with 34570 total remarks.

Also getting a shout out were Koalas with 2410 mentions, beach protests at 2065, and warships, which received 2625 mentions over the G20 weekend.

Koala's at G20

Social media analysis provided by Metalwater.



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