Free media access

Students from The University of Queensland’s School of Journalism and Communication are reporting for a worldwide audience on the G20 Summit being held in Brisbane on 15 and 16 November.

They are creating multimedia packages that can be viewed on this website ( and their television reports and commentaries will be broadcast live on the Global Campus Network.

GCN is an initiative of Ryerson University in Toronto and involves partner tertiary institutions from Hyderabad to Auckland and Dublin to Denmark.

UQ is the newest partner in the GCN and the G20 will be our first programming project.

The emphasis here is on analysis and opinion – addressing questions such as “What has the G20 achieved?”; “What important issues has it failed to tackle?”; and especially “How do Gen Y students around the world regard politics and international relations as exemplified by the G20?”.

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All the content on this website is available free of charge to media outlets anywhere in the world under creative commons arrangements.  We ask only that you credit the students who produced the story and The University of Queensland.